Hanging Gardens of Babylon, a photo of Hanging Gardens of Babylon
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Семь чудес света

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Hanging Gardens of Babylon

In Babylon city was found one of seven miracles of light - Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

City was arranged in Mesopotamia ([Dvureche]), region in the average and lower flow of the Tigris rivers and the Euphrates. Mesopotamia is one of the largest centers of the civilization of the ancient east. In our time the large part of the territory Of [dvurechya] enters into state Iraq, rest - Syria and Turkey.

These gardens it ordered to build [Navukhodonosor] itself for mussel most favorite of its wives Of [amitis], undertaken from the mountainous country in order in the flat plains of Babylon to create at least the similarity of native it wooded mountains.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The palace Of [navukhodonosora] was built on the extensive brick area, which was being highly risen above the surrounding locality. Five courts followed one others from the east to the West, the doors of numerous rooms left into the courts. The facade of the main throne hall, lined by the continuously colored tiles, is especially was luxurious luxurious: bright palms and lotus came out against the dark-blue background. The facade ordered yellow columns with the blue locks of capitals decorated (upper part of the column). There were no windows, and light penetrated through three wide doors.

Suspended gardens decorated the north - western part of the palace Of [navukhodonosora]. The terraces, which resemble the ledges of mountains, were located on the arched arches from the brick. Above the bricks is flooded the asphalt, on it - lead plates, and the layer of the fertile earth is poured on them and are planted trees, bushes and flowers. It from a distance seems that these gardens seemingly they hang in air. Slaves by entire days turn water-lifting wheels and they [zacherpyvayut] by leather buckets water from the river for sprinkling of tsarist gardens. In woodless Babylon suspended gardens produced unusual impression.

Many strangers, who arrived in Babylon, by mistake assigned the construction “suspended gardens” To [semiramide] (it was Assyrian. [Shamuramat]) - to the tsarina of Assyria at the end 9 v. B.C., which guided in two hundred years to [Navukhodonosora].


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