Семь чудес света

Семь чудес света

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Mausoleum Tadzhik- waved in India

Tadzhik- waved it stands among the cypress parks on the shore Of [yamuny], and its stately and perfect appearance is reflected in the aqueous smoothness of ponds. Marble facades Tadzhik- waved they sparkle by silver under the moon, they shine by pink light at the dawn and are poured by the fiery reflections of the setting sun. This fairytale on the beauty mausoleum they built during Shah [Dzhakhane]'s lifetime into the memory of him hot to the dear wife. In 1629, bearing to the light of the 14th child, the husband of Indian [Mogola] it died. It were 36 years, from which 17 it was married. Mausoleum Tadzhik- waved in India Sultan Shah -[Dzhakhan] lost not only the dear wife, but also wise political [sovetnitsu]. Is information, that it two years bore for it mourning and gave oath to construct the sepulchral monument, worthy of the memory of the wife, completely extraordinary, with whom nothing in the world will be be able to compared. [Ardzhumand] To [banu], known also, as [Mumtaz]- waved (“selected as palace”), it rests precisely in this extraordinary tomb, named its name in the reduction: Tadzhik- waved. Building was conducted into several stages, with 1631 until 1653. At the construction of building worked more than 20 000 people, collected not only on entire India, but even in central Asia. Chief architect was [Isa] Of [kkhan], which arrived from the Iranian city Of [shiraza], and remarkable European masters elegant decorated the facade of building. Tomb is built from the marble (it should have been delivered to the place from the stone quarry for 300 kilometers), but the building is not completely sustained completely in the white color, as this they attempt to present many photographs. Its surface is inlaid by thousands of precious and semiprecious stones, and black marble was used for the calligraphic executed ornaments. Skillful manual work, the filigree finished, marble revetment casts - depending on an incidence in the light - the casting a spell shadows. Once to door in Tadzhik- waved they were from silver. Inside was found parapet from gold, and the cloth strewn by pearls was stale on the tomb of princess, established at the very place of its burning. Pilferers stole these precious objects and repeatedly they attempted to knock out the precious stones of incrustation. But, in spite of all this, mausoleum in each visitor today causes shaking.

Building is located in the garden landscape, to enter into it necessary through the large, rarely beautiful gates, which symbolize the entrance into the paradise. Its enormous white marble terrace and dual cupola of the ideal form, surrounded by four minarets, rest on the basis from the red sandstone. Intra- inlaid by precious stones tomb of queen, and next to it, only at the side - the richly decorated coffin of emperor, only disrupting the absolute symmetry of construction. Octagonal open marble wall guards from their visitors. Shah planned to continue building, dreaming announce on the other side of river the double of snowy Tadzhik- waved - [Mumtaz] it waved from the black marble, which would become its own sepulchral monument. But [Dzhakhan] was thrown down by its son and the remainder of life conducted in the solitude, [Agra] concluded in the fort, looking in the melancholy at the fast flowing river. From there Shah -[Dzhakhanu] was visible Tadzhik- waved.

The immortal beauty Of [tadzha] to this day serves as the source of inspiration for the poets and the artists, the writers and the photographers. But with the lunar nights the enamored ones, as there are many centuries ago, are encountered in the shadow of this world famous monument of love.


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