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Семь чудес света

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The Great wall of China

The Great wall of China - the most immense construction of all times and peoples - became the symbol of China, about which were had heard much literally all civilized people.

The miracle of light, the longest in the world, “[Van] whether the vat of [chen]” (“wall into ten thousand whether”) - so in the different times called the Great wall of China. And although on the last name it is possible to assume the present size of the ancient Chinese wall (1 whether it is equal to 576 m), different sources are called different numbers. The Great wall of China On some assumptions its length does not exceed 4 thousand kilometers, on others - it is more than 5 thousand kilometers. A height of wall average 6,6 m (in the individual sections to 10 m), the width of lower part of approximately 6,5 m, upper - about 5,5 m. this width made possible to depart for two horse vehicles. The casemates for the protection and watch towers are constructed for entire elongation of the Great wall of China, and fortresses are built in main passes.

The history of Chinese wall began from the epoch of the administration of the first emperor of China. [Tsin] Of [shikhuandi] gave order to construct the Great wall of China after court predictor it said about the fact that “they will ruin [Tsin] of [khustsy], that on the north”. In order to fence the empire Of [tsin] from “northern savages”, emperor commanded announce defensive strengthenings unprecedented on their scale. Hundreds of thousands of slaves, prisoners of war and peasants drove off for the building of enormous wall. Day and night they packed the earth, plotted enormous stones and bricks, mixed solution for their fastening. Many of the creators of this immense construction, so did not return through its houses.

According to one version, building began even to emperor [Tsin]'s administration [Shikhuandi]. Still since 300 B.C., the rulers of North China built the sections of wall along their boundaries. They consisted in essence of the condensed earth, and had total length of approximately 2000 kilometers. Emperor [Shi] Of [khuandi] planned to strengthen the already constructed sections and to connect them in order to make a wall in the form of continuous line for the protection from the northern threat.
The Great wall of China was built with this craftsmanship and safety factor, that it was preserved, until now. And this only artificial construction on our planet, which it is evident even from space. Chinese wall is pulled along the cities, through the deserts, valley, deep gorges - through entire modern China. When it was built, it converted the country, located south, into the enormous, well protected fortress.

But neither great wall nor cruelty of administration helped the dynasty Of [tsin]. Through several years after death of the first Chinese emperor the dynasty Of [tsin] was thrown down.

However, the state experience of the empire Of [tsin] was developed and increased by the new empire Of [khan], which was being formed at the end of 3 centuries B.C. and existed more than four hundred years. In the empire Of [khan] the Chinese entirely realized themselves by united people, and today they call themselves [khantsami]. Major portion of the wall was elevated in the times of the administration of the dynasty Of [ming] in 1368-1644.

The today Great wall of China draws tourists from the entire world. No description of the Chinese capital can manage without the reference about it. Chinese assert that the history of this wall - half of the history of China it is not possible to understand China, without having visited wall. On the calculations of scientists, if all materials, used for the construction of the great wall of the period of the dynasty Of [ming], are accumulated into the wall with a thickness of one and with height into five meters, then its length will be sufficient in order to gird the terrestial globe. If we also enter with all materials, dynasties Of [tsin], [Khan] and Of [ming] used, then this improvised “wall” will be able to gird the earth of [bolee]10 of times.

On the grandeur of construction “Great wall of China” it does not know the equal in the history of world architecture. C of its c[amykh] high points it is possible to admire the gripping spirit panorama. Contemporary scientists are intended to determine the precise length of Chinese wall with the aid of [aerofotosemkki].

But thus far tourists from the entire world daily attend this monument of world architecture in order to be enraptured by the grandeur of structure and by its scales. Directly on the spot those desiring can acquire certificate with the indication of date and time of the visit of Chinese wall.


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