Miracles of our time
Семь чудес света

Семь чудес света

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Miracles of our time

Largest in the world of [akvapark] Of ocean Of dome (“oceanic cupola”) in [Sigaye].

In [Sigaye] are located many hotels, restaurants, places for the occupations by sport, including golf, attractions, the park of wild nature and other means for leisure. Is here located the largest in the world of [akvapark] (carried into the Guinness book of records) by the name “oceanic cupola” (Ocean Of dome), which can contain to 10000 people.

Golden [Geyt] remained the most extensive suspension bridge in the world to 1980- X of years.

The bridge Golden [Geyt] will throw across the Pacific Ocean strait gold gates and connects San Francisco with sea-scapes peninsula. Golden [Geyt] remained the most extensive suspension bridge in the world to 1980- X of years. His length composes 2 812 m, distances between the supports - 1 280 m, and their water clearance as before remains record - 227 m.

Longest bridge in the world viaduct [Miyo].

Viaduct [Miyo] - thus named this immense construction in the honor of the small French town, through which lies the shortest path from Paris to Barcelona. The bridge, which connects the French capital with the Mediterranean, was lengthened by 2,5 km at the height of 270 meters.

Taiwan skyscraper Of taipei 101.

The Taiwan skyscraper Of taipei 101, located in the capital of Taiwan - [Taybee], is acknowledged as international architectural group by the highest in the world building, transfers Assosiated Of press. Its height is 571 meters.


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