About what the Sphinx, the Sphinx photo is silent
Семь чудес света

Семь чудес света

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The sphinx keeps silent on than

Sphinx. Ostap [Bender]'s [Perefraziruya], can be assumed: if in the light there are miracles, then somewhere must be them much. Of seven miracles of the light of antiquity the pyramid of Cheops - only, that lived to the present. But Egypt is famous not only by these miraculously. According to the Guinness book of records, Egypt - champion of the concentration of cultural values. Third of world monuments of culture are located in Egypt. Each of them - miracle.


The civilization of Egypt was formed 7 thousand years ago - we do not know the more ancient country. To Egypt there was no concepts of state. Specifically, in Egypt written language appeared. And note certificate, and the Pythagorean theorem they also invented in this ancient country, Pythagoras simply borrowed them. Egyptians invented papyrus and inks, plywood and the bronze, glass- and faience, glasses, prostheses and [prezervativy]. The highest development reached the skill of [mumifitsirovaniya].

Stopped up by deserts almost inaccessible Egypt for the duration of millenia conducted relatively peaceful life. Therefore, and also because of the dry climate, in Egypt was preserved an exorbitant quantity of rarities.

Egypt - this, in the first place, the country of pyramids. And largest of them are located in Guise plateau, in the outskirts of Cairo. Largest of the pyramids - pyramid of Cheops. I will not transfer numbers - height, volume, weight and quantity of millions of blocks, which left to its building. On this you will read in any guide. It suffices to say that Napoleon, having for the first time seen the pyramid of Cheops, immediately calculated, that from the blocks, which compose it, it is possible to build three-meter wall around France.

Any, that saw pyramids, will say that the impression from them is indelible. Not one illustration can adequately transmit the feeling of reverential delight among at the sight these stately giants. They as if mirage grow from the surrounding desert, merging with it on the color, while of their apex are clearly visible against the background hot blue sky.

Once, very long, this was not thus. Large pyramids were covered with the sparkling revetment from the polished sandstone. The pharaoh's of the apex of pyramids moreover thin gold and copper plates covered in the times. It did imagine how blind eyes? There is the assumption that the polished revetment of the pyramid of Cheops was hollow, and this focused light so that pyramid was evident for hundreds of kilometers. Alas, revetment they stripped in XIV century, and gold, probably, still earlier. The part of the snowy coating was preserved only at the apex of the second largest pyramid - Chephren, making with its similar to the mountain, covered with eternal snows.

Large pyramids store the mass of secrets. No one knows, for which they are extremely strictly oriented along the sides of light. It was repeatedly proven that in the relationship of the sizes of pyramids were laid the specific mathematical constants, for example, the number of pi. No one can demonstratively explain, why were generally built pyramids. If as tombs, then why in them it is thus far found not one mummy? Word itself “pyramid” indicates “fire in the middle”. Maybe, this is credence?

Only large sphinx knows correct answer. This is one additional miracle of Egypt. It lay on the guard in the foot of Guise plateau. Large sphinx - this lion with the human head - the largest monolithic sculpture in the world. With size Krushchev five story building. They speak, sphinx was cut out of the one-piece cliff during the administration of pharaoh Chephren and was, naturally, similar to it.

Alas, to us to no longer [uzret] these godly features. Years two hundred back, and can be and earlier, sphinx was fired from the artillery instruments and, as the Japanese speak, " lost its face”. In the literal sense.

Millenia it keeps silent, and no one will say, about which. Apparently, it keeps silent in its own way for each person.


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