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Devilish experiment

According to the evidence of known Russian [ufologa], former general director of center [Soyuzufo] of Vladimir [Georgievich] [Azhazhi], which dedicated many years to a study, to study and to the comprehension of phenomenon [NLO], with 1970 until 1989 more than 18 thousand people were stolen by newcomers from the flying saucers.

One of the most mysterious secrets in the history of Soviet sea fleet is the inexplicable lot, which understood the command of trawler Alexander Barkov in December 1986. About it they for the first time told to peace American media outlets in 1990

Connection with the Soviet vessel unexpectedly interrupted on December 12, when it was located in the Greenland sea. Vessels left for THIS region of two scientific could not reveal trawler. After three days it was unexpectedly found at point with the coordinates of 79 of the north latitude and 10 of eastern length. Near this place was located the submarine of the USA, whose commander, James Cook, gave to us interesting information. He observed into the periscope, when [k] Alexander Barkov on the boats approached the seamen from the Soviet scientific vessels [Kropotkin] and Trofimov. When they rose to the deck, unexpectedly because of the felling high dark essence with the stick appeared and it attempted to attack the people. It was possible to catch with the aid of its network. According to the evidence of the commander of American submarine, it resembled monkey. Uncommon two-legged creation was delivered on Trofimov. In the hold of trawler Alexander [Barkov]* proved to be still several the same animals, i. it seems, among them there was the man. He entire became overgrown by hair, as if entire year did not shave. Judging by everything, man was in the irresponsible state. All discovered were undertaken onboard the rescuers.

Using glasnost in the Soviet Union, one of the American periodicals directed its correspondent in Moscow, [G]. [Vells], to conduct the investigation of this incident. In the ministry of sea fleet to it was given the information about that which entire command Alexander Barkov washed off by storm in the sea. Of course this information did not absolutely arrange reporter, but that it could make? And here foresight itself is alien to it to the aid. In one of the restaurants of Moscow it randomly met person, who wished to be hidden behind the initials [K].[B]. This mysterious stranger gave interesting information to correspondent.

Several years ago [K].[B]. know deceased now seaman [Belenkov]. The latter described about how it in January 1987, being found on the service into [Minmorflota], had a access to the secret documents. Among them there were the statements of captain [Kropotkin]. It reported that its command from Alexander Barkov's onboard took several monkeys even one anthropoid essence with the sparse fur. Along the way into the port this creation, which possessed incoherent speech, pronounced whole phrase: First flew rod, then [pogas] bonfire. Phrase was recorded on the magnetic tape, and protocol about this some crew members signed. Essence rapidly outgrew by fur, its physiognomy increasingly more became similar to the simian.

[Belenkov] it reported to its familiar about the fact that the commission, which consists of the representatives Of [minmorflota], the KGB and scientists, could not come to any conclusion relative to incident [s] Alexander Barkov. But one of the members of commission assumed that Barkov's command under the action of some mysterious reasons became monkeys. The however, this hypothesis was immediately rejected by other members of commission as contradicting the Marxist dialectician, theory of Darwin, it was acknowledged absolutely priest's, mystical.