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Prophetic sleeps

If we ask any person: that such the sleep, then it will first astonish to a question, but with the attempt to give correct answer will prove to be in the explicit difficulty. And if this question was posed to several people, then let us hear very unlike answers. It seems that this is that case itself, when it is worthwhile to revert to intelligent or encyclopaedic dictionary, but also there we will read something the obscure: Sleep - this is periodically the advancing physiological state of rest and leisure in man and animal. It is characterized by the almost complete absence of reaction to the external stimuli and by the decrease of the activity of a number of physiological processes.

The very short and capacious treatment of the sleep is usually assigned to academician Bekhterev: Sleep is an unprecedented combination of [byvalykh] events. Unfortunately, it to us does not approach, since further the discussion will deal with the events of unprecedented, or more precisely, futures. And here entire our science will contemptuously state that prophetic, or prophetic, sleeps be it cannot, there are only random coincidences.

Let us be turned to the history. [Kalpurniya], wife Julia Caesar, saw in the sleep, that its husband will be next day killed. When Caesar intended to go into the senate, it described to it about the sleep and entreated to remain houses. Brutus standing near began to laugh above the female prejudices and he enticed Caesar after himself. The continuation of this history to us is known

To emperor [Martsian] in the sleep dreamed [Atilla], in which the bow was broken. Specifically, on this night the leader of Hunns died.

It dreamed to the friend of emperor [Avgust], that will at night kill the treacherous enemies. Careful August, which believed in the prophetic sleeps, did not remain to pass the night in its march tent. It at night took enemies and in the darkness they chopped with swords his bed.
In the literature the case with captain Jonathan from California is mentioned as an example of prophetic sleep. Once in the sleep he saw the crowd of the emaciated people, which perished in the mountains from hunger and cold. It even memorized the place, where this occurred: it was noted by the characteristic vertical bank of white cliffs. In the morning it described this sleep to its friend, hunter. That according to the description learned this locality in the gorge Carson [Valley]. Then captain made a daring decision and organized rescue expedition, although the place indicated was located in 150 miles from the house. When rescuers there arrived, then they had time to help the fact, who still remained in the living.

French researcher [Kamil] Flammarion gathered many such prophetic sleeps. In its book prophetic sleeps and the predictions of future he writes: I decisively assert that the phenomenon of the dreams, which accurately predict future events, it must be acknowledged as undoubted fact We can see without the aid of eyes and hear without the aid take in by means of a certain internal mental and mental feeling. Because of the internal sight the soul is capable of seeing not only that which occurs at a distance, but it can also know previously which must occur in the future. Future exists potentially, caused by the reasons, which cause the subsequent events.

Is characteristic in this plan episode with the loss Of [titanika]. At least, 18 passengers returned tickets because of the obscure presentiment of tragedy. From them five saw this tragedy in the sleep themselves or it dreamed to their close ones. Wife of one of [otkaznikov] even drew the sinking four tube vessel with the highly scratched stern.
The phenomenon of prophetic sleeps in its time interested academician Bekhterev. In 1910 it turned to its familiar, who practices doctor [P].[I].[Vinogradova], with the request to explain in its patients: they did not see sometimes prophetic sleeps. With 1910 until 1914 Vinogradovs assembled more than one-and-a-half thousand evidence, from which it was explained that the prophetic sleep at least of times in the life saw that almost each second interrogated. Certainly, it did not consider communication of the type that certain Maria Ivanovna saw in the sleep hen, but next day in her guests they entertained by fried chickens. Because of the beginning of war Vinogradov did not have time to publish the manuscript of his book, but this made Flammarion almost on the same quantity of statistical material in his books prophetic sleeps and of the prediction of future and unknown.

To any unprejudiced researcher it is understandable that the reference of official science to the random coincidences in this case is only the attempt a similar phenomenon. But any attempt at its explanation from the threshold rejects by reference to the stability of causality principle. But indeed once scientific seemed firm and Newton's law. As very accurately noted the academician Of [a].[N].[Krylov], the largest scientific heresy - this that we already reached the limit of knowledge about the peace or it let us any minute now reach.

Fortunately, are located the scientific heretics also of another plan, who attempt to dig even under the fundamental (!) physical laws. The discussion deals with the so-called nonlocal quantum theories, in which can be disrupted the causality and be observed faster-than-light interaction.

Let us attempt and we to examine the seditious hypothesis of the possibility of the prophetic sleeps, when seen in the sleep with the high accuracy represents event future (as, for example, this was [s] [Titanikom]). Let us visualize situation that all people, which live on the Earth, are connected into the united superconscious structure (certain analog collective unconscious of Young) with the aid of the thus far yet not open biofield. It is desirable for the completeness of picture so that this field would have faster-than-light velocity of propagation, but for the present instance this condition is not compulsory. This global field superstructure, which unites the consciousnesses of entire humanity, is a priori structure with the zero time, i.e., in it simultaneously there is past, present and future.
And each individual in this structure this knowledge possesses. Naturally, by the knowledge not only of its future, but also future its close ones.

But in the majority of the cases to pass on this knowledge to its owner - the brain - for the purely physiological reasons cannot: the channel of the entering of information from the physical peace works as semiconductor, only in one side. Occur reverse - the entire world would become global mad house. However, since the discussion deals with the channel physiological, its disturbance (breakdown) is completely possible: the disease of the brain, the injury of head, the strongest stress appear the ex-trassJons, [kontaktery], and for the doctors - patients of the mental hospitals, which begin to obtain information from there and are frequently incapable to distinguish it of reality. Certainly, the doctors mentioned above will arrive from this hypothesis into the horror, but they perfectly well know how to close these hypothetical channels of feedback with the aid of the drug means. But most objective honestly note that their patients frequently demonstrate extrasensory abilities, including the foresight of future events. But after the corresponding treatment these abilities disappear.

Figuratively speaking, our [nadsoznanie], possessing entire information about the future events, in the huge majority of the cases does not can (but that and he does not want) to knock till heard to the consciousness. At best we obtain the unconscious signal: something does not follow make (or, on the contrary, one should - for example, to leave from under the concrete visor, which will collapse in the minute). And the one who it became accustomed to entrust to this internal voice (presentiment, intuition), is in reality obtained this information by no means from the mythical guardian angel, and from itself or its close ones, to which to [nadsoznaniyu] to knock till heard more easily. And precisely in the sleep, when are opened all the remaining channels of the entering of external information, we are capable of receiving warning our other I or I its close ones and friends.