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Ancient civilizations

The ancient civilizations, which existed thousand years ago, determined the cultural and scientific development of humanity. Examining the components of ancient civilizations it is possible to see development and decline of different cultures, moral values and the scientific achievements of antiquity, which influenced the development of entire humanity.

By the earliest settlements with the flow of river the tiber in the region, which more lately became Rome city, most probably governed leader or military leader with the support of the heads of the leading families in the limits or near the settlement. [Vergiliy] other epic authors tell us that Rome city was based With [romulom], and that he killed brother [Rem]'s its in order to ridicule his pomerium, or the sacred boundary of city, which it established. This city was named in the honor of its legendary founder - by Rome, and we originate respectively heroic for the city, which once governed the entire Western world. The authors of later eras, including many Romans, would derive very a little of the legendary part of the history of the base of the city, where [Romul] kills its brother, and they indicated that, since Rome was based in the report of bloodshed, thus, of bloodshed they will become the part of the Roman inheritance. it is in more detail.

In the times of dark centuries, Greek settlements were extended from the southern part of the Balkan peninsula to the West Coast of Asia Minor (present territory of Turkey), covering the islands of Aegean sea. At the beginning ViII of century B.C. Greeks began to restore commercial relations with other peoples, exporting olive oil, wine, potter and metalware. By Phoenicians the written language, lost in the period of dark centuries, began to revive because of the recent invention of alphabet. However, steady peace and prosperity led to a sharp increase in the population, and to feed it was begun increasingly more difficultly because of the limited agricultural base. it is in more detail.

Ancient China arose on the basis of the neolithic cultures, which were established in it was 5th 3 millenia B.C. in the average flow of Hwang Ho river. The pond of Hwang Ho became the main territory of shaping of the ancient civilization of China, in the course of the long time of relative isolation developed under the conditions. Only from middle 1 of millenium B.C. begins the process of expanding the territory, southwards, first into the region of the pond Of [yanzy], it is and then further to the south. On the face of our era the state of ancient China leaves already far beyond the limits of the pond of Hwang Ho, although northern boundary, the ethnic territory of the ancient Chinese of [ostaetsya] of almost constant. it is in more detail.

In the course of its 2000-year history ancient city Babylon twice became the capital of the great empire, fairytale in its splendour. But still for Babylonians it was possible to reach significant scientific and intellectual progress. In comparison with the first Mesopotamian cities in the sound-effects man and Accad, Babylon was young: the initial references about it relate to [KHKH]III to century B.C. political importance it acquired only after 1900 B.C., when [amority], union of semitic tribes took sound-effects man. After several years, Babylon it became the capital of the small, but constantly growing [Amoritskogo] reign, which with the administration of tsar [Khammurapi] (1792-50 B.C.) became the empire, which absorbed into itself entire South Mesopotamia, and also the part of Assyria on the north. it is in more detail.

The civilization of ancient Egypt existed almost 3000 years, after leaving to descendants majestic monuments and fairytale treasures. Egypt became cradle by the second (after [shumerskoy]) great civilization in the world history. It was conceived in the valley of the Nile by several centuries of later than the [shumerskoy] civilization in Mesopotamia, which had an undoubted effect on the early development of ancient Egypt. it is in more detail.


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