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Gigantic construction Stonehenge - rock riddle in the very center of Europe, as named this surprising monument one of the researchers doctor [Umlmor] [Trever]. This ancient construction located in England, now archaeologists refer in the opinion, that this architectural monument is elevated into three stages between 3500 and 1100 yr. B.C. Stonehenge the I it was annular ditch with two halls and it, possibly, served as cemetery. In the circle along the external shaft are located 56 small funeral “holes Of [obri]”, named so in John [Obri]'s honor, who first described them in the 17th Century. Huge, seven-meter heel stone stood to the northeast from the entrance into the ring. Stonehenge With the building of Stonehenge BY THE II was laid the earthen lane between the heel stone and the entrance. Were elevated two rings of 80 enormous rock chunks of the blue color, which, probably, were reached for 320 km from southern Wales. The transposition of megaliths was produced in the final stage of building. Blue stones were replaced with annular colonnade of 30 [trilitov], each of which consisted of two vertical stones and the rested on them horizontal plate. Inside the ring was established the horseshoe of five separate [trilitov].

As a whole Stonehenge is construction of 82 five-ton megaliths, 30 rock blocks, with weight on 25 tons even 5 enormous so-called [trilitov], the stones, whose weight reaches 50 tons. The folded rock blocks form the arches, which served as the once irreproachable indicator of the sides of light. Scientists until recently assumed that this monument was constructed in 3100 to our era by the living on the British islands tribes for the observation of the sun and the Moon. But last data of contemporary science make it necessary to reexamine many conclusions of researchers.

Even in the 20's of the past century the well-known geologist of the X. Thomas established. that the stones for the erection of complex were reached from the stone quarries. which were located for more than 300 kilometers from the place of building. It is not necessary to indicate that the transport of gigantic rock blocks required improbable efforts. At the end 1994 the professor of Welsh university David Bowen with the aid of the newest method determined the age of Stonehenge. It turned out that he is 140 000 years. Why by ancient people it was necessary to apply enormous efforts for the cutting down, most complex transport, working of the [prochneyshikh] chunks and their improbable on the accuracy installation in a strict order? There is no answer to this question as yet.

Well-known astronomer Fred [Khoyl]. after studying all geometric special features of Stonehenge, it determined, that the creators of this construction knew the precise orbital period of the Moon and the duration of solar year. According to the conclusions of other researchers, the holes, which are been located inside the circle, formed by rock blocks, exactly designate the trajectory of the celestial pole of 12-30 thousand years ago! In 1998 scientist- astronomers recreated with the aid of the computer the initial form of Stonehenge and conducted different a study their conclusions they were for many shocking. It occurs, this ancient monolith is not only solar and lunar calendar, as it was assumed earlier, but also it is precise planetarium in the cross section. According to this model, the solar system consists not of nine, but of twelve planets, two of which are found beyond the orbit of Pluto (by latter from the known today nine planets), but one more - between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter, where asteroid belt now is arranged. In principle, this model confirms the assumptions of contemporary astronomical science and completely it will be coordinated with the ideas of many ancient peoples, which also assumed that the number of planets in our solar system is equal to twelve.

The special feature of all ancient megaliths, is their extraordinarily high seismic stability. Studies showed that with their building were used the special platforms, which soften the completely dissipating underground pushes, or. The majority of all ancient construction is erected on such platforms. Besides this, such foundations practically do not give “the shrinkage of soil”, which unavoidably occurs with the contemporary building.

By scientists it is not thus far known, who and for which [vozdvig] in the times of the Stone Age immense astronomical observatory in the center of Ireland. But after the conducted thorough investigations it became clear that to assign the erection of this enormous “megalith” to the ancient tribes of druids, which lived in the territory of Ireland in those times, is simply unwise. One is undoubted, whom not were ancient builders, they possessed huge knowledge in astronomy, mathematics, geology and architecture. And if one considers that immense monuments and construction in the prehistoric times were erected practically throughout the world, then it is possible to draw the conclusion that we, contemporary people, practically nothing know about our own history.

But thus far scientists study this ancient monument, Stonehenge continues to live its life in the people folklore. According to local legend, gigantic blue stones possess medicinal force, they appeared on this earth because of the magician To [merlinu], the magician with the court of the king Arthur, who transferred them from Ireland. The origin of huge heel stone is connected already with another legend. They speak, once devil saw among the stones of the hiding herself monk. Before unhappy had time being hidden, devil neglected in it by the enormous boulder, which pressed to him heel. Long time the ruins of Stonehenge were associated with the priestly cult of ancient celt- druids, although the specialists deny this connection.


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