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[Pizanskaya] tower

Soon, after the beginning of building in 1173, the foundation Of [pizanskoy] tower they placed uneven. Building was stopped and renewed only after 100 years. It became only then clearly evident that The [pizanskaya] tower “falls” after being inclined toward the south. From that time, as began constant measurements of tower in 1911, it was fixed that the apex is inclined to 1,2 millimeters per year. Today, the apex Of [pizanskoy] tower is inclined on 5,3 m of the center.

[Pizanskaya] tower

After the belfry of the cathedral Of pavia was destroyed in 1989, Consorzio Of progetto Of torre di Of pisa (consortium of the project Of [pizanskoy] tower) directed engineers to stabilize “falling” tower. Because tower was inclined in different directions the first years, it slightly was bent as banana. Engineers work above the foundation of tower more than at structure itself, hoping to return the apex of tower approximately on 20 cm back. But this means that the 800- summer tower will remain “falling”.

The famous “falling” tower (Torre Of pe'ldente) - these are the belfry (Campanile) of cathedral in the city [Pize], the part of rare on its beauty architectural ensemble, which consists, besides the belfry and the cathedral, even from the chapel for the baptism (baptistry) and the cemetery. If “falling” tower did not heel, but it stood strictly vertically as all the remaining towers in the light, its glory would limit, probably, only by the small circle of architects and historians. Because of its design flaw it is known in the entire world.

Tower reaches in the height of 55 meters, and inscription on it testifies that it is laid in 1174. But since [pizanskiy] calendar, as it was explained, for one year anticipated conventional, the real date of the beginning of building should be considered 1173. The architects of tower were [Bonnano] [Pizano] and Wilhelm von [Innsbruk], but it both judged it was see the final completion of its concept. By the way, to the second-half XIV of century tower remained without its crowning belfry.

Were presented the hypotheses that the curvature of tower was planned by architects originally - for the demonstration of their boldness and outstanding architectural skill. But this hypothesis is not too plausible. Where another is more probable: architects knew that they build on the extremely unreliable foundation, and therefore they placed in the structure the possibility of easy deviation.

[Padayushchaya]' tower has cylindrical form and is fixed by its upwards eight tiers (counting belfry). Its six central floors are bordered by the elegant decorative arcades, in appearance of which, possibly, was said the influence of byzantine or Moslem architectural tradition. A question about the possible Moslem influences is interesting doubly, since it is not clear, until now, did arise the idea of the separate belfry in the Christian church architecture under the action of Moslem minarets, or, on the contrary, same these minarets, from height of which the muezzins called believers to by [molenyu], they conduct their genealogical from the Christian belfries.

In [Pize] were in 1564 born by Galileo Galileo, future famous scientist. Judging by his own stories, he used A [pizanskuyu] tower for its experiences. From its upper floor it threw different objects in order to prove that the rate of drop does not depend on the weight of the falling body.

Famous cathedral ensemble in [Pize] - the masterpiece of medieval Italian architecture. The creation of ensemble began in 1063, when in the outskirts of city, on the green to meadow, was laid the building of the ensemble of the urban cathedral, which included white marble five-Nef cathedral, belfry and baptistry -[kreshchalnyu]. So over the area remote from the urban center were formed one of the salient works of the middle ages, shown enormous action on the development of Italian culture. In The [pizanskom] cathedral are located several burials of different historical workers, among whom - the tomb of the German emperor of Heinrich VII.


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