Our world, our world in ancient times
Семь чудес света

Our World

Our world has born a very long time (several billion years ago). Recently, in an orbit one sun-like young stars have been discovered organic substances necessary for the origin of life. With satellite images were made and found that around one star is rotating gas cloud, in which the presence of organic molecules that contain acetylene and hydrogen cyanide. They are in combination with water can form amino acids, which can be reincarnated as proteins and adenine, which are the basis of DNA. Our world may be born that way.

The analysis showed that the gases rotate around the star at about the same distance at which the Earth revolves around the sun. The molecules required for the origin of life, were present in the solar system to the formation of planets forming in the future complex organic compounds, which led to the emergence of living organisms.

Our world has a very rich history. Something we never know ...


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